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Dare to be BOLD !


The Full Story

Hello & Welcome !

I am Barbara Pritchard, the Designer behind the Peach Pineapple Creative brand located in the beautiful Worcestershire, Cotswolds, UK.

I am Freelance Surface Pattern / Print Designer and experienced Fashion Designer

I began my 'Surface Pattern Design Journey' in 2018 as I was looking for an Exciting New Design Challenge 

I create Surface Patterns and Print designs for:  Woman's Fashion specialising in  Swimwear & Activewear, and also the Homeware and Stationery industries.

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My Background is in Fashion Design, I have degree in Fashion Design and Pattern drafting from FIDM in Los Angeles. 

I am an experienced Seamstress having worked in the Bridal Industry and the Garment Industry for many years.

As a Knitwear Designer I have designed for ITV’s 'This Morning' TV programme and had my Pattern designs featured in ‘Machine Knitting Monthly' magazine in the UK.


I live by my motto ‘Dare to be Bold’ and have had a, varied career path. My past roles includes: 15 years of Marketing, and many years working for several Major Cruise lines as Entertainment Cruise staff traveling the around World!

With a background in diverse creative areas, I've learned a lot about various industries from many angles - which has helped me to grow and evolve my Designs into commercial art which, once licensed, can help your products sell.


My Art is inspired by my travels, by interesting geometric shapes and by trends /colours, both Bold and subtle.

My artwork style is abstract and eclectic. I most enjoy creating artwork that is Strong, Bold and just that bit different.

From feature prints to coordinating supporting designs each print is distinctive and each one has a personality of their own.

You will find unexpected shapes and depth in my work which gives my pieces personality through details that others may not notice at first glance.

Peach Pineapple Creative is the result of years of designing and collecting beautiful things from all over the world which was born from my love of  fashion, textiles and beautiful objects.

My passion is creating beautiful artwork that makes people feel Happy and Inspires Them, to be BOLD.

I continue to seek new creative avenues in both 

Surface Pattern Design and Fashion,

pushing the boundaries of printed fabric. 

3dSurface_pmm_IMG_2143 copy_1500x1000.jpeg

Bold Going Forward

I am also keen to explore new markets giving me further opportunities to create and develop my ideas into more product ranges

For Collaborations and Artwork Licensing Contact me

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