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The story of The 'Peach Pineapple Creative' Name and Logo

White Logo PeachCircle PNG.png

So many people ask about the origins of the ‘Peach Pineapple Creative’ name and its meaning. 

A lot of thought went into the naming of the company and designing the logo.


Here are the meanings behind the different components of Peach Pineapple Creative :



The Pineapple has always been associated with prestige and luxury due to its exotic appearance.

The pineapple's unique, “exotic appearance" gave it a mythical quality, which was "enhanced by its golden crown, giving it an air of wealth and status.

In the Eighteenth Century, Pineapples would often be depicted in commissioned paintings or it would be featured in wooden furniture to indicate the owners power and wealth.


The Color Peach

Peach signifies a warm feeling of friendship and caring.  The colour Peach reflects happiness in all areas of our life and the satisfaction that comes from being at peace with our health, work, love and relationships. 



The arc or circle shape in the logo indicates movement and quickness. This is a shape of good fortune and the benefits of heaven when used in décor and designs.



This shape symbolises the element of water. It’s an undulating, curvy shape that mimics the flow, fluidity and grace of water. Always changing, just like Trends.



Well, that goes without saying….


'Peach Pineapple Creative' puts as much thought into our artwork and surface pattern designs

for your products!

 Let's discuss your next project.

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